On My Mind…

I’ve been extremely busy lately so haven’t had a lot of time to blog (maybe when I retire).  But here are a few things I’m thinking about.  Let me know what you think about as it relates to these topics – I’m always looking for smart people to exchange ideas with and potentially collaborate with.  … Continue reading

Competing in a sea of proliferation?

I’ve been revisiting an older post – Proliferation. Aggregation. Integration –  given the current state of the start-up environment and my informal involvement in a few sharp startups.   In today’s world, it is more critical than ever to understand where your industry/category stands. When the VCs and young devs where creating web apps at an … Continue reading

Viral analytics and metrics – go viral young startup

One of the things I am passionate about is analytics and metrics. I’m most interested in gathering a breadth and leveraging them to drive solid decision making. While at IBM I worked closely with a group of exceptionally talented researchers (marketing and technology) to develop a host of models used to drive broad reaching strategy … Continue reading

Xing & SocialMedian – BSN a 2HR?

Note:  these are just my quick thoughts on the acquisition. First and foremost, congrats to the team at Social|Median for getting acquired by Xing.  I’ve been watching them grow (its been less than a year!) and am impressed on how regularly and rapidly they iterated new features to drive community growth and how they parlayed … Continue reading

on Failure [updated]…

The last few days have had me thinking about strategy, decision making and failing. Andrew Warner of mixergy.com had a post on goal setting where he talked about changing directions in a startup. That got me thinking a lot about my own experiences and how many of the companies I’ve worked with have changed strategy, … Continue reading