It’s launch time [ish]…

In the coming weeks I will be involved in an unprecedented (for me anyway) volume of company/product launches (not sure if launches are the right word anymore): SocialGuides – now-ish Feedtrace – Public Beta – early February company x – major new product release – soon enough Going to be an amazing 45 days!

Obama mobile phone in Kenya – for real!

As some of you may know, I love emerging markets mobile.  Its one of the most exciting technology opportunities out there.  I’m been fortunate to do some work in the Middle East and Africa with Mobile-XL.  While working with them, I met one of the founders of Mi-Fone.  He is a cool guy and they … Continue reading

On Mobile… It’s about time?

Well, it is finally here. The new iPhone. The App Store. The buzz of Android. The N95. and of course Twitter. The big social nets are getting it*.  A few healthy exits in mobile. A steady flow of new innovations. I’m going to say it – the tipping point is here. I’m not normally … Continue reading

Facebook Mobile – following Twitter?

It’s about time that Facebook got simple mobile. For much of what I do on twitter I simply use the SMS Shortcode (or texting version in lay terms) AND I HAVE AN iPhone. I call this SIMPLE mobile b/c its, well, dead simple and works across handsets. A year ago I was talking to various … Continue reading

Seeing the future – of Social (PART 2)

Well, the Mobile Social space continues to evolve. I’m a big fan of this category and am excited to see healthy growth and M&A activity. There is a post over at RW/W that covers the Future of Mobile Social Networking – check it out. One very exciting development is Vodofone’s acquisition of Zyb for $48.7m … Continue reading