I’ve been fortunate to work with some very prestigous, valuable and innovative BRANDS in my career.  In some cases I worked as a consultant, some cases as an employee, but always as someone building something new… The methodology my team and I developed at IBM has now been implemented at 2 of the 6 most valuable global brands (IBM is #2 most valuable brand, the second brand is a B2C brand).

IBM – I had a great experience at Big Blue in various strategy jobs.  Built a bunch of cool analytics models and got to drive those deep into the business to help generate more revenue.

  • Led development of advanced  marketing analytics models (customer value/customer experience). Identified $2B in new opportunity (winning full support of COO, CTO, CMO and Gountry GMs), contributed to>$50m net new business (contracts), regularly participated in C/SVP – level customer briefings for top accounts/prospects & contributed to numerous marketing initiatives including redesign of the global brand equity and customer satisfaction monitoring/reporting platforms, >$100m ad campaigns and critically acclaimed company repositioning after new CEO (SJP) took helm (OnDemand positioning & redefinition of company values).
  • Instumental in IBM’s successful participation in and co-chairing of the National Innovation Initiative as lead of the inter-organization “innovation markets” work group (focused heavily on eco-systems, global market forces and immigration policy) resulting in the National Innovation Act (bill introduced into the Senate in 2005 by Senator Lieberman).  This all ultimately resulted in the America COMPETES Act, signed into Law by President Bush in 2007.
  • Regularly sought out to participate in special task forces to help define ways to further sales and in SMBs, Retail Solutions Group, Emerging Markets (India and China), etc.
  • Regularly sought out to speak at conferences (Esomar, IIR), professional organizations (PDMA, ANA) and top business schools (MITMichigan, Notre Dame).
  • Defined and implemented an [award winning] analytics driven methodology for customer experience based (as opposed to advertising driven) global brand strategy & management which has now been implemented at 2 of the 6 most valuable brands in the world (one b2b and one b2c).
  • IBM Customer Briefings – As part of strategic account sales process, briefed numerous senior executives (CxO, SVP & VP) at top customers/prospects on customer experience, brand analytics and the brand transformation of IBM.  Briefings included Home Depot (CEO), Walmart (SVP), Altria (SVP), Visa (VP), P&G (VP), Royal Bank of Canada (VP), AT&T (SVP), UPS (SVP), etc.

Genentech – Invited Subject Matter Expert, Strategy Seminar on Data Analytics, Presentation and Visualization.

iRobot – Invited Subject Matter Expert, Marketing/Strategy Seminar (Topic under NDA).  Awesome 1 day session w CEO and executive team.

Endemol – Brought in by Endemol executive to work with CEO of operating company (animators Joe Cartoon) to develop a new strategy and operating plan to grow the business and define future funding requirements/scenarios.  Helped secure internal bridge funding to provide operating capital while exploring corporate options (continued funding, buy back or sale).  Participated in Global Digital Summit in The Netherlands with international heads of Endemol’s various digital teams/properties.

Eli Lilly – this was my first big company experience.  I learned a ton and had a wonderful internship.  I worked in a strategy/business development group focused on identifying new opportunities (categories, compounds and partnerships).

AvTech Labs – this is where I started my career as a Chemist (yep, a chemistry geek).  I was focused on method development (what those of us in the lab did that is most like what web/software coders do when they iterate on code – our lines of code were experimental methods).  Most all of my methods supported large scale pharmacokinetic studies being conducted by our F500 clients – Pharmacia & Upjohn (now Pfizer), Parke Davis (now Pfizer) and Eli-Lilly.  I did a ton of work on Upjohn’s Zyvox ( now a $2o0M/yr antibiotic) on its way to New Drug Approval by the FDA and worked on a cool project to determine and quantify a Parke Davis research compound, CI-1017.  Very rewarding and great learning experience working at a startup but helping get big time products to market.

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