Chemistry Experience

AvTech Labs – this is where I started my career as a Chemist (yep, a chemistry geek).

In the lab – I was focused on method development (what those of us in the lab did that is most like what web/software coders do when they iterate on code – our lines of code were experimental methods).  Most all of my methods supported large scale pharmacokinetic studies being conducted by our F500 clients – PharmaciaUpjohn (now Pfizer), Parke Davis (now Pfizer) and Eli-Lilly.  I did a ton of work on Upjohn’s Zyvox ( now a $2o0M/yr antibiotic) on its way to New Drug Approval by the FDA and worked on a cool project to determine and quantify a Parke Davis research compound, CI-1017.  Very rewarding and great learning experience working at a startup but helping get big time products to market.

Name in print – while in the lab I co-authored a few scientific posters/papers for national conferences.

  • And one of my favorite experiences was successfully assaying microgram quantities of drug in pediatric CSF with the CEO of major pharma company waiting on results.  talk about pressure…

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