It’s launch time [ish]…

In the coming weeks I will be involved in an unprecedented (for me anyway) volume of company/product launches (not sure if launches are the right word anymore): SocialGuides – now-ish Feedtrace – Public Beta – early February company x – major new product release – soon enough Going to be an amazing 45 days!

It’s your EQUITY – manage it wisely…

As a founder equity tends to be one of the most cherished assets at your startup.  For many of us, it is ONE of the drivers of entrepreneurship – to own our businesses and have a shot at real wealth creation (wealth is different than rich – you can get rich in corporate America).  I’ve … Continue reading

Startup Delta Force…

I’ve been mulling over a new series* of posts that I’ve been wanting to create for sometime.  Lately I find myself now very crisply focusing on the issue of STRATEGY.  I love strategy – not in the McKinsey sort of way (all though I have tons of respect for those guys), but in a real-time … Continue reading

Competing in a sea of proliferation?

I’ve been revisiting an older post – Proliferation. Aggregation. Integration –  given the current state of the start-up environment and my informal involvement in a few sharp startups.   In today’s world, it is more critical than ever to understand where your industry/category stands. When the VCs and young devs where creating web apps at an … Continue reading

What kind of company are you ‘in’?

I just got done reading and commenting (I’m basically reposting my comments here to start shaping a new post on the topic – transparent content development) on a great post over at CleanTech Venture Captial Insider Report – I like the framework of Type I v. II companies as it relates to startups and venture … Continue reading