on Failure [updated]…

The last few days have had me thinking about strategy, decision making and failing. Andrew Warner of mixergy.com had a post on goal setting where he talked about changing directions in a startup. That got me thinking a lot about my own experiences and how many of the companies I’ve worked with have changed strategy, … Continue reading

Seeing the future – of Social (PART 2)

Well, the Mobile Social space continues to evolve. I’m a big fan of this category and am excited to see healthy growth and M&A activity. There is a post over at RW/W that covers the Future of Mobile Social Networking – check it out. One very exciting development is Vodofone’s acquisition of Zyb for $48.7m … Continue reading

Proliferate – Aggregate – Integrate

It has been a fun and amazing few years participating in the web2.0/social phase of technology and web evolution. When I look at the various phases of the web I think of 3 overlapping stages – Proliferation, Aggregation & Integration. I don’t yet have an opinion on which is most important, but I know they … Continue reading

Seeing the future – of Social

Just read a great post on TechCrunch about Social Mobile. I’m very enthusuastic about the future of social being driven by mobile. At the end of the day most of ‘Social’ actually happens in the ‘real’ world. You know, when you are at an event, a party, an airport or the coffee house. And most … Continue reading