What kind of company are you ‘in’?

I just got done reading and commenting (I’m basically reposting my comments here to start shaping a new post on the topic – transparent content development) on a great post over at CleanTech Venture Captial Insider Report – I like the framework of Type I v. II companies as it relates to startups and venture … Continue reading

Obama mobile phone in Kenya – for real!

As some of you may know, I love emerging markets mobile.  Its one of the most exciting technology opportunities out there.  I’m been fortunate to do some work in the Middle East and Africa with Mobile-XL.  While working with them, I met one of the founders of Mi-Fone.  He is a cool guy and they … Continue reading

Viral analytics and metrics – go viral young startup

One of the things I am passionate about is analytics and metrics. I’m most interested in gathering a breadth and leveraging them to drive solid decision making. While at IBM I worked closely with a group of exceptionally talented researchers (marketing and technology) to develop a host of models used to drive broad reaching strategy … Continue reading

on Failure [updated]…

The last few days have had me thinking about strategy, decision making and failing. Andrew Warner of mixergy.com had a post on goal setting where he talked about changing directions in a startup. That got me thinking a lot about my own experiences and how many of the companies I’ve worked with have changed strategy, … Continue reading

On Mobile… It’s about time?

Well, it is finally here. The new iPhone. The App Store. The buzz of Android. The N95. Qik.com. and of course Twitter. The big social nets are getting it*.  A few healthy exits in mobile. A steady flow of new innovations. I’m going to say it – the tipping point is here. I’m not normally … Continue reading