Some Highlights

These are just things that I CONSIDER to be highlights for a variety of reasons.  Since context is king, I will provide a little for each example.  (THIS IS VERY MUCH A WIP)…

  • Show me the money – Attended Venture Capital Partnerships Annual meeting as invited guest of a General Partner. It was great to see them present to the LPs.  This was an exceptionally valuable experience!  Know your customer people ; )
  • The real deal – Conducted Business in Africa and the Middle East.  Very intense places to work partnerships.
  • 21st Century Innovation – I was fortunate to have a meaningful role in IBM’s participation in the National Innovation Initiative (as co-sponsor).  It was amazing.  I’ve followed the progress and it appears that much of what was recommended made it in the America Competes ActNow I’m pretty proud to say I’ve worked on a real public policy initiative.
  • On the big stage – I had an amazing little whirlwind speaking tour while at IBM.  I flew to Boston to speak at MIT at the innagural Sloan SOM Marketing Symposium (I was on a panel with a few CMOs which was pretty cool).  That night I jumped on a plane to fly to Portugal to speak at an intenational market reseearch conference (ESOMAR).  It was an amazing week to say the least.
  • Drug on the market – Linezolid (Zyvox®) for the treatment of serious gram-positive infections, represented the first new class of antibacterial agents approved in over 35 years by the FDA when it entered the marketplace in 2000.  Now I’m pretty proud to say I’ve worked on helping get a life changing drug to market.

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