I enjoy my consulting work.  My style is pragmatic – no BS.  I bring a diverse and unique set of professional experiences to all my engagements.  I can help with:

  • Mobile, Social & Location – I’ve done product design, strategy, marketing, API definition and business development on the following platforms/apps/products – Facebook, Twitter, Android, iPhone, SMS and Symbian/Java (domestic and international)
  • Customer – everything I do, at some level, is steeped in the principles of Customer Driven Innovation (and Customer Development where appropriate).  I can help with customer development, customer value/experience modeling, customer management (acquisition and retention) and various other customer programs.  I have a network of collaborators that can help with the execution elements (PR, SEO, email marketing, etc).
  • Product – At my core, I’m a product guy (what do you expect from a Chemist w/ an MBA?).  I can help with –  strategy, design, development, marketing and management.  I have great partners/developers that build excellent things.
  • Brand – I take a data driven, highly analytical approach (read: I’m not a MarCom/Ad guy).  I went deep in this at IBM and carry it with me today – brand equity, positioning and strategy.  I’m particularly focused on helping brands with new technology (social, mobile, real time data, analytics, etc).

I conduct various types of engagements and clients include:

  • Strategy Projects – If you are a startup I can help you with strategy stuff (and save you a lot of time and mistakes).  If you are a brand/bigCo I can help with strategy, particularly marketing and innovation.
  • Strategy Sessions – I’m introducing this as a way to have small scale involvements that benefit folks that don’t need full scale engagements.  This can be a few hours at a one time session, a few hours over the course of a month or a few hours a month for a longer duration.   This is typically more advisory services like involvement, but it can be specific to marketing, product, etc.  I typically don’t take equity (I already have an exciting equity portfolio).  Shoot me an email if you want to chat.
  • Executive Briefings – If you are a business/brand and want to have a conversation about what’s going on in social, mobile, etc from a former brand guy I’m here to help (“hi, my name is Chris from Corporate – and I’m her to help”).  I’m a business guy that will bring a pragmatic business perspective on all things new technology.  My interest is in helping you figure out what it all means to you, not proliferate the hype of any current trends.
  • Speaking Engagements – I like panels and classrooms.  My style is focused on helping people learn how to APPLY new concepts to drive business.  I’m not a pontificator – I’m a pragmatist.  I see ‘presentations’ as a conversation not a presentation.

Interested? Drop me a line [jgammill at gmail dot com]

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