Self Assessment – Startup Style…

This one is a bit old.  I’m clearing out some of my old content focused on startups.  I’ll revisit this in a few months so I welcome any feedback you have.

Now, while I can’t help you figure out what makes you crazy enough to want to do a startup, I can share a little bit about what I’ve learned over the years.  There is a plethora of content out there on how to raise money.  This document is simply an attempt to capture a few common themes that I’ve encountered on my journey.  Its very much an incomplete work, but some folks that are new to the game might, I stress might, find some helpful nuggets in here…

Enjoy.  And don’t worry, you aren’t the only crazy one out there…

3 Responses to “Self Assessment – Startup Style…”
  1. Cliff Allen says:

    That’s a good checklist of the major things for potential entrepreneurs to consider before starting on the journey.

    So many times these issues are covered individually in blog posts and seminar panels that the “whole business” view is obscured.

    • gammill says:

      Thanks Cliff. That is the attempt – ‘to provide a holistic view’. One thing I want to do once I get time is add links to specific categories and if I had more time links to each line item. Some day ; )

  2. Cliff Allen says:

    I know what you mean about time. I’ve been working on a comprehensive mindmap of marketing strategy and tactics. It allows a marketer to drill down from a broad view of marketing strategies to specific detailed action items. I keep wanting to load it into an online Comapping map ( with links — but it’s hard to find the time for that project.

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