More streams – more OR less?

Oh yes.  Today, Google launched Buzz.  I kinda like it so far.  It has me thinking about the various Social Streams and Networks I pay attention to:

  • Google – productivity stream and direct access network.  Google, for me, is about getting things done – pure utilitarian value for this boring business guy.  But maybe now people will say ‘follow me on Google’???  The Buzz stream for me will be more focused on helping me get things done on a daily basis.  And email is the most basic network I have and the one I use everyday for mission critical tasks and communications.
  • Twitter – content stream and knowledge network. I’ve become more focused on how Twitter is a distribution network and a broadcast medium – its more about the content and less about the individual people for me.  I’m enjoying discovering people through the content (locations and links) distributed on Twitter.  I’m pretty focused on this platform in my startup life (SocialGuides and FeedTrace)
  • Facebook – update stream (nice to know) and friend network (keep in touch). I keep up on this stream to see what my friends and family are up to – see peoples pictures and silly notes.  Clearly important, but not my most important stream from a frequency perspective.
  • LinkedIn – business stream (sort of) and opportunity network. I don’t really pay attention to the updates or think of a stream here because there are too many ‘Bob is now connected to John’ updates (but I do watch my stream here).  This is where I’ve aggregated many of my most important contacts and the first place I look for business development and talent.
  • MySpace – events stream (this is what I’d like it to be for me) and music network (people that I’d go to shows with). I don’t really use MySpace much, but if it was more like what I described, I’d see it fitting nicely into my life again.

But it is clearly getting to be too much.  Aggregating, Filtering and Focusing my streams present great opportunities for technology startups.  What do you think of all the social streams?

3 Responses to “More streams – more OR less?”
  1. Tony Karrer says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the opportunities around aggregating, filtering and making sense of streams.

  2. gammill says:

    Tony. How are things with your blog aggregation platform?

  3. gammill says:

    btw – I’m no longer enjoying Google Buzz. I was an optimist, but is now just more noise (S/N is well below 1).

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