UPDATED: Busy Building [Social] Solutions

UPDATE:  Still super busy and not finding time to blog.  I’m starting a new project with a really interesting productivity meets e-commerce company call HubKap (see below).  Some good progress from a few of my friends companies below (most of which I’m an advisor for), but more to come on that soon.


It has been while since I last posted. I’ve been super busy working on my startup, The Graph.  Things are evolving amazingly well right now.  I am really grateful to all of you out there in my network(s) who are helping – its outstanding to have so many positive supporters right now.  The opportunity is timely!  More to come very soon on this front…

I’ve also been helping a few startups as well.  Check them out:

HubKap – not much to say now other than a really great productivity and connectivity tool for people struggling to manage their calendars (and those of others)  If you’d like to join our beta program drop me a line.

SocialGuides.com – the best of what’s next in location aware services – helping people discover the people and content that make places interesting. And oh yeah – its a Cloud company.  Led by a great young entrepreneur [SD].  More on that one soon…

Weall.tv – social media content distribution company. media based social/mobile syndication (twitter, facebook, iPhone, Android, etc) and community platform (plug into media sites). Led by great proven entrepreneur I met at TC50 ’08 [Venezuela].  IF you are (or know) a media brand that wants to be a first of a kind multi media twitterati, contact me.

Marketforce1.com – business intelligence and web analytics (SaaS) for sales and marketing. Great team backed by some sharp angels. [SF]  IF you are (or know) a B2B marketer that wants a better lead/BI  system, contact me.

Southern California Tech Central – helping my friend Tony K dial up his great new product concept.  A lot more great stuff to come from this.  Check it out if you are a tech blogger in Southern California [LA].

So, I’ve been busy.  And will only get busier.  But it wont be long before I’m blogging much more.  In the meantime, check out some of the companies and tell me what you think.

One Response to “UPDATED: Busy Building [Social] Solutions”
  1. Arturo says:

    Hey Christian, I’m going to Venezuela (my home country) in a month – are you saying that the weall.tv staff is located there? Would love to meet up with them! let me know

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