Learning to Duck from @micah

Note:  this is a comment I made on a great post by Micah at Learn to Duck.  His post talks about various aspects of tech ‘community’.  Go read the original post as well.  His blog is one of my favorites.


AWESOME post. I live/work in Southern California and have had very similar observations as the scene here has exploded over the last 18 months. I remind people that there is a difference between a scene, a community and an ecosystem. It’s important to understand where you want to dig in (me, I’m an ecosystem kinda guy – I like startups, universities, investors and industry). One thing I always give our community ‘leaders’ credit for is creating the places for everyone to meet – I wouldn’t know any of my current collaborators were it not for the flood of events in 2008. I encourage people to remember it takes all types to make it work. And oh yeah, there is that thing called work. So, I say if you want to be apart of something excellent (and sustainable) get to work – start a company, mentor a company, invest in a company, partner with a startup – do something to foster the ecosystem. I’m actively doing what I can with my friends (we are starting a founders group to help early stage companies grow) and am looking forward to reaching out to a few other organizations that are helping foster early stage ecosystems in other locations. At the end of the day its hard work doing this startup thing no matter where you live – so lets all do what we can to help each other succeed because success breeds success (cheesy but true). Thanks for sharing your experience. You’ve inspired me to go work on a post I’ve had in my head for months.

Originally posted as a comment by gammill on Learn To Duck using Disqus.


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