Obama mobile phone in Kenya – for real!

As some of you may know, I love emerging markets mobile.  Its one of the most exciting technology opportunities out there.  I’m been fortunate to do some work in the Middle East and Africa with Mobile-XL.  While working with them, I met one of the founders of Mi-Fone.  He is a cool guy and they are doing some cool things in the Handset space in Africa and other regions.  So without further ado, I introduce to you – The Obama Phone!

Obama phone from Kenya

Here is a little bit from the email they sent me.


Kenyan consumers introduced to Mi-Obama Mobile Handset.

The new African handset manufacturer ‘Mi’ has taken a shot at the emotions within the emphatic Kenyan community to commemorate the Inauguration of the USA President Elect Mr. Barack Obama.

The Mi-Obama handsets are available exclusively at Fone Xpress@ Nakumatt, Tuskys and Phonelink  retail stores throughout Kenya, the product in its first week of availability has already sold over 1000 units in Nairobi alone.

“The coming of the new President of the USA is an auspicious moment for all Kenyans and the people of Africa. It is our pleasure to be able to launch the Mi-Obama phone as a memento that will always stay within the user’s hearts and minds” says Alpesh Patel, Director of Mi-Fone.

The Mi- Obama 205F is a stylish yet affordable handset which comes with a colour screen, built in FM radio and torchlight features. The handset is co branded with the Obama colours and logo. The Mi-Obama phone is available for a very affordable KSH2900 which equates to roughly $30.

The Mi brand of cell phones recently introduced in Kenya is proud of Obama and thought the opportunity was just too good to miss. Patel goes onto say “we believe Mr. Obama’s message is very similar to our tagline in terms of inspiring the people hence our co branded offering with the tagline “The World is yours- YES WE CAN!


I like Alpesh and dig what the team is doing.  What do you think?  Think they would sell in the US?  Share this on the social web using this link http://grf.me/Mc98D , leave your comments below or drop me a line if you want more info [jgammill at gmail dot com].  Here is another photo.  Congrats to the team at Mi-phone!

mi Obama phone specs

mi Obama phone specs

Share this on the social web using this link http://grf.me/Mc98D

6 Responses to “Obama mobile phone in Kenya – for real!”
  1. Great idea. Obama’s name is a big seller–and marketers can use it without paying royalties. My 7-11 sells Obama water–complete with pictures of Obama and Michelle on the logo.

    • gammill says:

      yeah. Marketing is the key. its almost like the ill fated MVNO movement in the US, except I think it will actually work in emerging markets.

  2. It amazes me of how much the world is going to change after tomorrow. Great post Chris and best of luck to your buddies over at Mi-phone

  3. gammill says:

    Thanks Efren. The world has changed! See you soon my friend…

  4. maoyc says:

    Yes! It’s absolutely a good idea to sell the cell phone in Kenya, and I am so admire the guy, who seized the good opportunity and created easy business model.

  5. Paul Mucheru says:

    Its a great Idea for using Obama as a celebrity that might enhance the purchase of the phone Yep thats was a great idea

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