On Mobile… It’s about time?

Well, it is finally here. The new iPhone. The App Store. The buzz of Android. The N95. Qik.com. and of course Twitter. The big social nets are getting it*.  A few healthy exits in mobile. A steady flow of new innovations. I’m going to say it – the tipping point is here. I’m not normally a pundit, but I’ve been involved in mobile over the last year and felt it coming. I saw enough early indicators to know it was around the corner. I saw it here – I saw it in Africa and the Middle East where the mobile platform is the highest penetration consumer technology platform. The big deal to me is that there are now some ‘standard’ platforms for development and commercialization. Another big deal to me is the global reach and the ability to impact positive change. I’ve also seen a few early ‘killer apps’ – twitter, qik.com, brightkite, and whrrrl – none may be killer apps in the truest sense, but they all are demonstrating emerging consumer behaviors, even if focused on the technorati set. Now that we’ve made it to a solid point of momentum, the question will be what will drive mobile engagement and usage further into the mainstream? mobile content? Mobile email has done a nice job, as has SMS, but what will drive mobile internet usage? LBS? Media and Entertainment (maybe a good gossip column)? dating? social media? mobile social (I’m putting a lot of my chips here).  This is going to be a fun stage of development in the mobile space. DM me on twitter if you are working on a mobile startup @gammill.

A few things that I’m looking forward to in the further evolution of mobile:

  • Building better bridges between mobile(handset) and web (mac/PC) – looking at your service from the perspective of users who are increasingly seeing mobile handsets as extensions of the PC/Mac.
  • Building better bridges between virtual and real world – further realizing that REAL experiences and relationships happen in the real world and that technology can be a great facilitator.
  • Building more personalization and control into the mobile components – understanding that while mobile is an integrated component of the user experience, the mobile is the more personal of the two.

What do you think about the state of the mobile world?  What do you think will drive the next phase of the revolution?

*finally – I had hoped they would have done more to lead the innovation, but they had enough to keep them busy with their web explosions…


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