What keeps you up at night?

As a startup guy, I spend much of my time on the challenges of starting up. And last week it was a particular focal point.

A great question came up over at Under the Radar (post 10 Free Passes for Starving Startups at Under the Radar)

  • “As an entrepreneur, what are the 3 biggest “pain points” you struggle with that we should cover at future events?”

Check out the responses and please add more here in the comments. This question provides great context for what entrepreneurs consider the biggest ‘pain points’ and what the community needs. Here are the comments I posted (unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the event – I’ll be working on fund raising).

  • How much is enough? – how much ‘traction’ is enough for investors? and how much is enough to build solid traction to drive the right valuation to go for large money?
  • Who should I get involved? – beyond the obvious ‘more great engineers’ who do I invite to the party and when – when do I need legal, when do I bring in complementary skill sets, how do I decide between employees vs contractors, which roles need to be core and what can be outsourced.
  • What is ‘good enough’? – when should I open the doors and let people in? how much product development is enough to get in the market and start getting feedback and what should I focus on in the early stages of the product?

The morning after the UTR post, I joined Tony Karrer (startup CTO and former CTO of eHarmoney) in a mentoring program (meaning helping startups solve critical issues) to continue to help foster the early stage startup community. Our first meeting was a good one and the presenting entrepreneur had a concise list of what was ‘keeping her up at night’. We dicussed her challenges, proposed solutions and critiqued her business model. It was a great event, but I found Tony’s format of focusing the dialogue on ‘challenges’ to be particularly valuable. This is my passion – getting to the heart of the matter and helping solve problems.



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