Viral hurdles

One thing I’ve been talking about a lot lately with my startup friends is viral growth. One thing I constantly tell people is to lower the hurdle for engagement with and increase the accessibility of your brand/products.  The fewer clicks/steps/pieces of personal information you present the higher the probability you will get some user trial/engagement. The same goes for accessibility. I often see companies so proud and obsessed with the complex premium product they are building that they overlook some of the hurdles they’ve constructed. The hurdles in turn limit your audience which in turn limits your viral upside. So, while your working hard on the premium, think about building some lower hurdle products, which I call the ‘on-ramp’ products. Don’t get me wrong, in the end the premium product is the goal (in most cases), but there may be some things you create to help get users in the family.

more about this topic later…


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