Trends – Global

I am excited by a few of the trends that some folks are talking about. One post on Online Spin is particularly interesting to me. I’m very interested in seeing where the global element takes us. I traveled to Dubai and Capetown last year to help a mobile startup with some business development. It was amazing and very eye opening. I had traveled to India and China when those markets were first getting attention (all the way back in 2002/3) and was energized by the economic development. My trip to Dubai was different in that the wealth there is amazing and consumers are looking to consume (with some cultural limitations) technology fueled products (content, media, devices, etc). Similarly, South Africa is taking off.  With companies like Mixit they are well poised to drive a revolution of internet engagement (whether it be mobile or pc ). I had a great feeling about SA – it feels like things are ripe for some amazing growth. One of the important elements is that most of the technology experiences will be mobile experiences (or at least mobile initiated). I’m not sure if the next wave of web2.0 is more global or if that is one of the characteristics of web3.0 or if pundits want to continue to look at mobile and web separately (which I think is the wrong perspective).

I believe the opportunities in the emerging markets are very exciting. People are ready to consume and engage, people are actually willing to pay for services (not polluted with the web2.0 ‘free’ context) and the walled gardens are less pervasive.


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